Finding Neverland Video

In early 2019 I visited Namibia. There was no clear plan during that trip. It was a trip of leisure with my partner and half an idea to check out some kitesurfing along the way. I was surprised to find some amazing conditions.
Namibia is breathtakingly beautiful, especially if you like empty deserts and wild empty beaches.

I knew then that I would be going back to that wilderness.
I have a strong connection with the landscape, but I also wanted to go on a more Kiteboarding focused outing to verify my first impressions.

So a year later, thankfully just before the Covid 19 Madness began, I packed my car and headed on the cross continent solo journey from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean and proceeded to give Namibia another go, but this time a lot more focused on Kiteboarding.

With Airush wave kites and my trusted 8m Union loop machine, I headed out on my own wherever the wind would lead me.
From the Orange river mouth to as far North as I could go, as I said before, Namibia has much to offer. To me it was like returning to Neverland!

A massive Thank you to Airush Kiteboarding for the Kiteboarding gear, Xtremexccessories for the Gopro mounts. A special thank you to all the wonderful people I met on the way who took pics, filmed and helped me get to the different spots. I am forever grateful.


Airush Wave 12m
Ph: Manu Borsato

With 2019 almost in the review mirror, my kiteboarding adventure has taken a turn up. I am super stoked to have joined Airush Kiteboarding. I have only had the equipment for a little over a month, but my first contact has been awesome! Not only with the equipment, but also with the team of people at Airush. I look forward to a successful collaboration with them, a brand that has always come across as a core, driven by people who love the sport. That really appeals to me.

The “Wave”

Wave in action

It was a serious baptism of new gear with my first taste of the “Wave” and the 5’6 Amp in some pretty massive waves at my home spot. The back swells were challenging but the reform gave me a chance to get a taste of what the equipment can do and left me frothing for another session.

On my second session I got a chance to really enjoy the board and kite.
It didn’t take long for me to feel totally at ease and to start hitting some radical sections.

On a side note, a new board gave me the opportunity to test the Vibram five fingers on a clean board surface. I am beyond stoked to report that the V-Aqua from Vibram give enough grip to not need any EVA grip or wax. I will keep riding like this for a while, see how it evolves and then do a more in depth report on that.

The Union

My first sessions on the Union 8m was also a “pedal to the metal” affair. 30\35 knots, maybe more. tried on 24 m and 21 m set up. Did some boosting, some old school and threw some nasty loops. The kite can be gentle or super aggressive, depending on how low you throw. The size for me is perfect to really boost and loop.
I look forward to some more overpowered sessions on it.

Also stoked to report that the cleat bar’s stopper works a charm for those “Old School” moves. Bring on the “dead mans”!

Deadman Kiteboarding

Onwards and upwards. Bring it on!

photo Manu Borsato

Kiteboarding Sardinia – summer 2019

I was once again blessed with the possibility of skipping the weather down south and spending time in Sardinia.



Sardinia is really pretty, but does get invaded by hordes of tourists over the July/August period. But if you have some wheels and stay away from the more popular spots, you can find some pretty quiet beaches (ok maybe not in August) where the parking fees are not exorbitant and the kiters not too plentiful.


This video gives you a glimpse of some of the spots I visited over the summer. Also reconnecting with old friends and having a good laugh all round.


Cedric Vandenschrik Kiteboarding adventures